Taylor Yu is a renowned award-winning* photographer in fashion and beauty. His specialty areas include high fashion editorials, advertising, portraiture, and conceptual work. Although currently based in LA, Taylor is often found shooting in New York or Tokyo, Japan. He not only has been focusing on the magazine photography but has worked on the projects of progressive and rapidly growing design-focused firms such as UNIQLO.

His remarkable works of the camera shutter have been exhibited at numerous art festivals and have impressed many who saw them. Despite such a busy schedule and workload of his in Tokyo, LA, and NY, Taylor continues traveling around the world, searching for that unique place which might be the best for his next photo shoot.

Taylor initially pursued his creative goal of becoming an architect in Berlin, Germany at the Berlin University of the Arts. Following his creative instincts, he enrolled in a photography course and was hooked on the shutter work. After relocating to Tokyo, Japan, he gained his fame by working with a global photography agency for 8 years. He has also drawn the attention of European and American fashion magazine companies such as Glamour, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Marie Claire Beauty, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Girl Nippon, Vogue Nippon, Vanity Fair Italy, and others, and his works have appeared in those magazines.

As a professional photographer, Taylor finds joy in every step of the creative process, from brainstorming to taking photos and even to developing the film. He takes a keen interest in all aspects of his work and truly enjoys what he does. His photography isn’t simply about composing and taking pictures. It is about life, emotions, and situations that inspire him to create beautiful works of art- photography is his passion.

* APA(The Japan Advertising Photographer’s Association) Award: 特選賞